DFG Priority Program SPP 1164

Nano- & Microfluidics:

Bridging the Gap between
Molecular Motion and Continuum Flow

Projects within the Priority Program

Probing the Boundary Conditions: Slippage and Beyond

Experimental study of the interaction of near-wall flow with flexible polymers at microscale using time-lapse microscopy and yPIV

Flow past hydrophobic rough surface: Experiment, theory and simulation

Fluidics of micro-capsules in shear flow: Dynamical shape transformations and role of membrane roughness

Hydrodynamic interactions along and between polymers in simple flow fields

Hydrodynamic manipulation of active transport along action cortex models

Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of the flow behaviour along rough and hydrophobic surfaces

Mathematical modelling, analysis, numerical simulation of thin films and droplets on rigid and visoelastic substrates, emphasizing the role of slippage

Molecular transport and flow on one- and two-component polymer brushes

Nanoscale Discontinuities at the Boundary of Flowing Liquids: a Look to Structure and Dynamics

Noisy hydrodynamics at fluid interfaces beyond Navier-Stokes equation:

Non-equilibrium flow at gradient surfaces: multi-component fluids

Slippage and Nanorheology of Simple and Complex Fluids in Confinement

Theoretical description of the dynamics of colloidal particles in flowing solvents near liquid-solid interfaces

Soft Objects in Fluid Flow

Biomacromolecules and interactions with linker molecules in hydrodynamically focused flow

Driving fluids with rotating and beating semiflexible polymers

Experimental investigation of the electrophoretic separation of biomolecules in a microfluidic system with a phase boundary between two immiscible fluids

Flow behaviour of soft objects like polymers, vesicles and cells in microchannels

Joint numerical-experimental investigation of the micromechanical behaviour of DNA immersed in a hydrodynamic flow

Wetting and Flow in Confined Geometries

Capillary Rise and Flow of Complex Liquids in Nanopores

Investigation and control of the liquid flow through nanoscalic packed beds

Morphological Wetting Transition on Topographic Substrates

Small-scale particle advection, manipulation and mixing: beyond the hydrodynamic scale

Devices: Design & Transport

From micropumps to nanopumps: Travellling wave-driven transport of fluids and particles through highly confined geometries – an experimental and theoretical approach

Nano- and microfluidics using optical tweezers with fast single particle tracking

Surface acoustic wave driven micro-flows: Flow control and transport of finite size particles