Dynamics of structure formation in thin liquid Films: A special spatial analysis

Karin Jacobs, Ralf Seemann, and Klaus Mecke


The characterization of morphologies that are not perfectly regular is a very difficult task, since there is no simple 'measure' for imperfections and asymmetries. We faced this problem by trying to describe the pattern that evolves in the course of the dewetting of a thin polymer film as compared with the scenario that takes place in a thin gold film. With the help of the Minkowski functionals we found significant differences in the pattern of the two systems: We were able to distinguish a spinodal dewetting mechanism for the gold film from heterogeneous nucleation for the polymer film. Moreover, we show how a temporal development of a pattern can be characterized by Minkowski functionals.

Series "Lecture Notes in Physics", Vol. "Statistical Physics and Spatial Statistics"
Springer, Heidelberg, ISBN 3-540-67750-X (2000)