Dr. Anthony Quinn

Biological processes at solid/liquid interfaces

Wiss. Werdegang:

1993 Abitur
1996 Bachelor Abschluss University of South Australia; Major: Physics
1997 Diplomarbeit: "Solid State Dye Lasers", University of South Australia
1998 Forschungsassistent in der Abteilung Laserstreuung und Materialforschung, University of South Australia
2003 Doktorarbeit: "Electrowetting fundamentals: an investigation into deviations from ideal behaviour", Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia
2003 - 2005
Postdoc: "Adsorption von Biomaterialien" Universität des Saarlandes
ab 2005 Forschungsassistent in der Abteilung "Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering", Univerity of Melbourne, Australien


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